Links and thoughts, 4/2016

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Posted: 2016-04-30 , Modified: 2016-04-30

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I’ve changed the way that I organize links and media. Previously, I made a “summary” blog post every month. From now on, I’ll put them in this workflowy, categorized by topic. This is because

Every item is tagged with the date that I read it (format YYYY-(M)M-(D)D). Workflowy can filter by tags, so you can still get a monthly summary as follows.

For this monthly summary I’ll instead write about a few highlights/threads that stood out to me, and draw connections between some of the different items.

  1. Even if the vast majority of people are rational, it only takes a few to create terror.

  2. cf. A Room of One’s Own. The title refers to “any author’s need for poetic license and the personal liberty to create art.”

  3. by which I mean mathematics as an endeavor, rather than just “getting the equations right”.