Thoughts and links, 10/2016

And don't forget to (trade your) vote

Posted: 2016-11-04 , Modified: 2016-11-04

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First, an important announcement.

Trade your vote!

The margin between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is dangerously close. Third-party candidates, with 5+% in polls, have a large number of votes which could change the outcome in swing states.

In 2000, Bush won the national election with a margin of 537 votes in Florida while Nader received 97,488 votes in Florida - far more than enough to tilt the election. Forseeing a close election, “NaderTrading” attempted to trade votes between Ralph Nader supporters in swing states such as Florida with Al Gore supporters in safe states, “teleporting” votes for Al Gore to the states where it would matter, while ensuring that Ralph Nader would receive as many votes as he would otherwise to have a chance of qualifying for federal funds. could have changed the outcome of history - but was shut down by California’s attorney general; with only weeks left until the election, there was no time to appeal.

Let’s learn from history. (The point here is not to endorse Al Gore, but to illustrate of how effective vote-swapping can be.) The race is similarly close but we have new tools at our disposal:

  1. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Porter v. Bowen (2007) that vote-swapping is protected by first-amendment rights.
  2. We have SOCIAL MEDIA.

Hillary Clinton supporters in safe states swapping votes with anti-Trump third-party supporters in battleground states can potentially change history. If you are in either category please sign up at one of the sites.

Thanks, and please share.

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