Math/CS notes

This page contains notes for current classes, seminars and talks. For more math notes (including the number theory textbook, class notes, math contest materials, etc.), see the notes page on my website. Some of the source code is available on github. (If it’s not, email me.) To compile the source you’ll need the LaTeX template files (see the readme for instructions). Note that most of these are sketchy - use at your own risk. () means this is a talk I gave. ## Spring 2016 classes I collaborated on scribing MAT529 and MAT597 notes with Kiran Vodrahalli. MAT519 (Topics in Number Theory: Statistics of rational points on curves), source on github * MAT529 (Topics in Analysis: Metric embeddings and geometric inequalities), source on github. * MAT597/PHY521 (Mathematical Physics), source on github ## Recurring seminars * Simons Institute Program in Machine Learning (Spring 2017) all notes on github * Workshops * Foundations of machine learning * Interactive learning * Representation learning * Computational challenges * Reading groups * Interactive learning * Representation learning * Learning models of mathematical objects: edited version (unfinished), raw version * Langevin * Industry day talks * Talks * Sleeping * GANs * Contextual bandits * Exchangeable graphs * Geometric optimization * Learning the RELU * Linear regression * Logistic regression * Metagrad * Simulated annealing * Learning in the age of neural networks * Open problems (Manfred Warmuth) * ZigZag: efficient algorithms for adaptive online learning via decoupling * Computer science and discrete mathematics (IAS) notes * Gems of TCS seminar (Wednesdays) notes * Learning deeply reading group (Thursdays) notes * Machine learning reading group notes 10/15 onwards * Mark Braverman’s seminar notes 11/15 onwards * Probability and geometry, grad student and postdoc seminar (Spring 2016, Wednesdays and Fridays) notes * Simons meetings (monthly) notes 9/15 onwards * PACM seminar (Mondays) notes ## Other talks by date * Crash course in complex analysis, geared towards computer scientists (post, notes) * Wilks lecture 2016, On computational thinking, inferential thinking, and data science by Michael Jordan * ITCS 2016 (notes for first half) * Restriction phenomenon, Larry Guth (notes) - 10/19/15 * *LLL lattice basis reduction algorithm (notes, notes) - talk at Gems of TCS seminar 10/6/15 * *Barron’s Theorem evades the curse of dimensionality (post, notes) * *Fully homomorphic encryption (post, notes) - talk at Gems of TCS seminar 7/21/15 * High-rate locally-correctable and locally-testable codes with sub-polynomial query complexity, Noga Ron-Zewi (post, notes) 7/20/15 * FCRC 2015 (post, notes) 6/15 # Other Notes I keep many notes on subjects I learn, books I read, etc. on Workflowy. * Shared workflowy notes * Books and movies