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About me

I’m Holden Lee, a postdoc visiting the Instutite of Advanced Study for Fall 2019, and starting at Duke in Spring 2020.

My main interest is theoretical computer science, in particular machine learning. Other academic interests/hobbies include:

I also enjoy

Here is my contact info. Email is the best way to reach me.

About this website

This website is an ongoing project of mine to express my perspectives about a variety of things. In doing so, I hope to

Note that my beliefs are all subject to change, and I’d love to have a conversation about anything here. Simply leave a comment or send me an email at holdenl@princeton.edu.1

This website is very incomplete. I’ll keep adding to these ramblings, and hopefully they’ll add up to something more and more complete over time.

Note that I’m adding and updating haphazard fashion. If you’d like me to prioritize a certain part, let me know!

Why this format?

One thing I don’t like about blogging is that it’s linear in time, and anything that fit into something linear is going to feel somewhat disorganized (like the high school math track). Instead, I’m attempting to put all my ramblings in one place and classify them in a tree-like structure, so you can easily traverse to the branch that you want to look at. I will also include links to articles on my blog.

Technical details

This website is made using Hakyll.

If you want to set up a similar site of your own, you can clone the github here. If you want any guidance setting it up, reach out to me. Hakyll is awesome! You can do things like make a slick sitemap automatically.

  1. When deciding whether or not to talk to someone, keep three things in mind.