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Everything on this page is licensed under a Creative) Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Notes for seminars and talks are available at my blog

Most of the source code is available either below or on github. To compile the source you’ll need the LaTeX template files (see the readme for instructions).

Please do contact me if you find typos, want to help improve the notes, want source code, etc. I don’t always post/update the source code but I will if you poke me.

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Number Theory

I’ve compiled all my number theory notes in the following open-source textbook (shortlink: This version does not contain drafts in progress; for that see the github page.

Source code is available at the dedicated repository Contributions and corrections are welcome; send me a pull request or email me at

The number theory notes are made of the following two parts:

High school math

College math

Various notes and homeworks I have written up for math subjects. Most of the source is available on github, or given below. (There are also miscellanous notes there that are not listed below.)

See also this googledoc for notes on Part III classes by other students.

Note: the earlier notes are pdfs compiled from Word. I’ve given errata for them since the original word documents are corrupted and uneditable. Now I’ve learned better and use LaTeX instead.